The Story Of Mitr

They say that every institution has a story, which is also true for MITR. The story isn't finished yet, we might be in the middle of the story or the beginning of it, only time will tell.

It all started with coming together of two friends and colleagues in 2007. Dr Manish Dubey (Urologist) and Dr Arbinder Singal (Pediatric Urologist & Surgeon) started working together in 2006 to manage difficult cases of Urology and Pediatric Urology in various hospitals of Navi Mumbai right from Vashi to Nerul to Kharghar. They could see the benefits of teamwork as now they could do much more complex and difficult cases and give the patients excellent results. By Dec 2008, with expanding practice and also to give the patients a more reasonable monetary option for surgery & treatment, they started thinking of starting a small center where daycare surgeries could be done. Dr Nandita Dubey was working as a Gynecologist and laparoscopic gynecology surgeon in Navi Mumbai and had a good practice and she also evinced an interest in joining the team. When the 3 sat together, they realized that if there could be another team member with complimentary skills of laparoscopy and general surgery, it would make the core surgical team rock solid and complete. Hence, they approached Dr Vijaykumar Malladi, renowned Laparoscopic General & GI Surgeon in Vashi. Dr Malladi had a busy practice but agreed to participate in so called small centre experiment. The team started looking for a small place where a single OT and 5-6 day care admissions could be managed. Since Kharghar was the upcoming node, finally the team zeroed in on Kharghar as the place for setting up the small hospital and a place was taken on lease in sector 21 near Shilp Chowk.

The name MITR was given by Dr Manish Dubey and it was well received as MITR means friend, which stands for the core philosophy that the new hospital was going to be very patient friendly. Secondly, the team did not want any usual routine name for the new hospital. After 6 months of interior works and equipment fit-outs a 6 bedded hospital with 2 clinics and one operation theatre was started on 10 May 2009. Mr P.R.Patil, a senior Pediatrician came out of retirement to help MITR team with administration and setting up the hospital. Within one year of starting the hospital, the place fell short for the kind of work and patient flow which started lining up. Additional place was taken on lease on the same floor and by Feb 2011 MITR Hospital had a total of 15 beds for patients. Ms Emily Paul joined as the Chief Administrator for MITR at this stage to help the team manage admin work and HR more effectively. Mr P.R.Patil went back to his retirement having graciously set up the Brand MITR. Ms Emily also recruited Dr Ajit Baviskar in 2010 to help with ever expanding admin work at the busy and bustling hospital.

Each of the directors was very passionate about his discipline and department. Working together helped each of them develop better insights in their respective discipline /department. Also, these efforts pushed towards improving laparoscopic surgery results in each of their specialties. In the growing phase, each of them would be present during such surgeries to help, promote and guide each other to deliver best surgical results to each and every patient. Given the specialty nature of work and good results of surgeries, within two years MITR Hospital started running full to capacity and needed more space for the patients. In 2014, a draft plan was made to start an independent 25 bedded surgery Hospital with a bigger team, more facilities and more patient services. Also, Urology had an adult and a pediatric surgeon. Gynecology offered a full spectrum of surgical options including Hysteroscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic Laparoscopic surgery and urogynecology. What was lacking a full-fledged team to offer comprehensive gastrointestinal services. Dr Vijaykumar Malladi was interested in expanding the GI work and offer a complete solution for digestive diseases to people of Navi Mumbai, hence the team approached Dr Amit Gharat, a renowned Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist practicing in Panvel and Vashi areas of Navi Mumbai for joining MITR as the 5th director. Dr Amit Gharat said YES in no time and joined MITR Team formally as a Director in October 2014. With renewed energy and vigor, the team started looking for a suitable place to set up a premium day care surgery centre.

An independent building which would comfortably house 25 beds, 4 operation theatres, diagnostic services and be available on good terms was difficult to find in Kharghar. High real estate prices and space crunch have always troubled the young entrepreneurs in India. After a lot of search, one of the patients of Dr Manish Dubey finally suggested a vacant building next to the Kharghar hills in a slightly off the beaten track as a good location for the hospital. The team visited the place and liked its isolation, ease of parking, open feel and spacious interiors. Since the building had not been used for five years, it needed a complete infrastructural modifications and interior fit-outs which were finished in a record time of 7 months between Jan 2015 to July 2015. The 5 directors worked as solid team handling various aspects of the new project right from finances, planning the facility, buying new surgery equipment, hiring new staff for hospital and then finally the launch function.

After 7 months of rigorous back breaking work, the new MITR Hospital was inaugurated on 2nd of August- The Friendship day. At 6am- a 10k run ??MITR Monsoon run was organized and at 9 am the ribbon to the new facility was cut by the parents of the 5 doctors. By 10 am various doctors, dignitaries and friends started pouring in to have a look at the new hospital. More than 700 well wishers dropped into see the new facility.

Now circa Jan 2016, five months have passed. The hospital has seen more than 500 surgeries and 3000 outpatients and from virtually all states of India. The hospital continues to grow and the doctors at MITR continue their journey offering minimally invasive cure at reasonable charges and in a very patient friendly way. The team expresses its heartfelt thanks to the patients and their families who have trusted MITR care in their time of illness.

Dr G Bharat Kumar Joined MITR Hospital as an orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon.

The story continues as the quest to achieve higher standards of healthcare remains the driving force. It has now become a part of the team to continuously introspect themselves and improvise. A dream to build up a legacy that would be remembered for a long time - as' MITR' - an institution that started the story of quality healthcare in Navi Mumbai.

As of today January 2022, 53000+ patients have been seen in OPD & surgeries 11000+ have been performed at MITR hospital.


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