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Laser surgery

Laser is an energy source which is used in treatment of urinary stones, prostate enlargement, ureteral blockages etc.

A common perception, that laser treats diseases from a distance remotely is not true. In reality, lasers basically need to be in contact with the stones or prostate to make its effect on it. Holmium lasers which are most commonly used in urological treatments are contact lasers.

A machine generates this laser energy which is carried by fine fibres which are of sizes measured in micrometers. These fibres reach the intended part like stones or prostate which is deep inside the body via telescopes of various kinds.

Depending upon the need and the organ on which the laser is used, the intensity of laser beam is adjusted to utilize its effect optimally.

As compared to Lithotripsy (ESWL), the use of telescopes to reach the organ or stone is a must. In lithotripsy, no telescopes are needed and energy passes through the surface of skin onto the stone inside the kidney.

Advantages of Lasers

The laser fibres can be bent. This fact is used to direct the laser beam on stones located in deep crevices inside the kidney. Flexible telescopes help in reaching such locations inside the kidney, ureter where conventional non-flexible telescopes don’t reach.

Laser pulverizes the stone into powder form which easily passes out of body without any pain.