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Mitr Specialties

Urology & Andrology

Urology is a specialty that deals with problems in male genitourinary system (kidneys, ureter, bladder, testis, penis, scrotum etc) and female urinary system. Andrology

Pediatric Urology & Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Urology is a medical specialty which deals with problems of the Genito-urinary System in children (kidneys, ureter, bladder, testis, penis, scrotum etc). The

General, GI & Laparoscopic Surgery

A surgical specialty overlooking the disorders of abdominal wall, abdominal organs specifically gastrointestinal tract, chest and head & neck region. Laparoscopic surgery is a

Gynecology & Endogynecology

Laparoscopic Gynecology is the newest speciality in gynecology that deals with minimally invasive surgery for treating gynaecological conditions. Over the past few decades, laproscopy

Gastroentrology - Medical & Surgical

Gastroenterology and Hepatology is a subspecialty in medicine that deals with managing diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract namely esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large

Orthopedics (Bone & Joint care)

Every human joint is an engineering marvel allowing movement between the bones while not allowing the bones to slip out of place. All this


Nephrology is a branch of medicine that deals with the functioning of the kidney, kidney problems, treatment of kidney problems and renal replacement

Pain Management

The facility is headed by Dr.Shantanu Mallick [MBBS (Kol), DA (Mum), FIPP (USA) , Fellowship In Interventional Pain Practice]. He is a pioneer in

Laboratory, USG , Digital Xray and 2D Echo

MITR hospital has full-fledged diagnostics imaging and laboratory services, managed by Medcare Diagnostics. Established in 2011 Medcare has been providing services to Clinicians through


Our ENT Specialists strive to provide the highest quality Ear Nose and Throat care possible. If you are struggling with an issue related to

Intersex (DSD) Clinic

Intersex or Disorders of sex development { DSD} is a group of condition that deals with abnormal development of the sex organs. The earliest

Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Hair & Skin Slimming Reconstructive Surgery

Physician & Intensivist

An intensive care physician (or intensivist) is a doctor who specializes in caring for critically ill patients. An intensive care physician treats patients who

Robotic Surgery

It is not very rare to find people imagining a medical robot as a humanoid machine doing surgery. In reality, a medical robot comprises

Welcome to MITR Hospital, Kharghar

MITR Hospital at Kharghar is Navi Mumbai’s Premier Surgical Hospital offering best surgery and endoscopy and the most advanced robotic surgical treatments under one roof and beautiful ambience. The Hospital is located in a very picturesque location in verdant hills of Navi Mumbai & Raigad area. MITR stands for “Minimally Invasive Treatment & Research”, meaning a centre dedicated to Minimally Invasive Surgery or Keyhole Surgery using Laparoscopy & endoscopic and robotic surgical techniques. At the same time, MITR in our mother tongue means a "Dear Friend".

The focus of doctors at MITR Hospital is to perform treatment & surgeries using endoscopic and the novel robotic surgical techniques without cuts or with very small cuts leading to faster recovery. 90% of the surgeries are done as “Day Care Surgeries” whereby patient after surgery goes home in the evening or within a day.  At MITR Hospital, we are proud to be one of the most well equipped Short Stay Surgery centres in India with all laparoscopic and endoscopic and robotic surgical treatments available under one roof. In the last 6 years, we have been privileged to treat patients from virtually all states of India and more than 20 countries.

MITR Hospital offers cutting edge care in fields of Urology(Endo-urology, Uro-oncology, Robotic urology,Uro-Gynecology and pelvic floor reconstruction and Reconstructive urology), Pediatric Surgery & Pediatric Urology, General, GI & Laparoscopic Surgery, Gynecology, Endo-Gynecology and Robotic Gynecology, Aesthetics and cosmetic gynecology,  Gastroenterology, Hepatology  & Endoscopy, Orthopedics,Arthroscopy and Joint replacement, Radiology and Interventional radiology, Oncology, Plastic surgery, ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat), Anesthesia, General medicine and Intensivist, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Vascular surgery and, Pain Management and Physiotherapy.

Mission & Vision

MITR Hospital team is committed in using the best and cutting edge surgical and endoscopic the most advanced and novel robotic surgical techniques to achieve highest and safest surgical outcome with expertise, cost effectiveness & personal attention, a constant endeavor to bring joy to those with serious ailment and help them recover faster and in the most painless way. 

To be the most preferred destination for surgical and endoscopic and robotic surgical treatment in specialty healthcare segment. 

Our Values

  • Patient First” Philosophy
  • Ethical & Personalized care
  • Shortest hospital stay possible
  • Team work

Consultants @ MITR


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