Patient & Relatives Guide - MITR

Appointments with Consultants are facilitated through the Hospital Front desk, hence please call /visit the front desk @ +91-22-27744229, 27744239, 27744269 or 27743558 for scheduling your OPD appointment.

To report to the Hospital OPD lounge as per schedule appointment time.

Registration form as provided by the front desk is to be filled up and returned to the desk at your first visit to the hospital.
Ensure cleanliness of the Hospital floor.

Please carry all relevant previous medical, diagnostic & pathological report during your consultation.

Tea / Coffee is available for patients & relatives in the hospital waiting lounge at a payment basis (Rs 10/- per cup).

All payment related to any services provided by the hospital (OPD or IPD) are collected only at the front-desk against proper bill and/or receipt. Don’t forget to collect the receipt whenever you make a payment.

While all medical queries are to be handled by respective consultants, please reach the front desk executive or hospital administrators for all other queries regarding hospital services, payments, special offers, ongoing events, billing issues

Surgery patients to report to IPD nursing station on day/time as per schedule pre-decided by the consultant.

Patients & relatives are to take full responsibility of security of any valuable items they carry with themselves including mobile phones , wallet etc during hospital stay/visit.

Parking of vehicles in-front of Hospital premises are to be done at owner’s risk.

Patients are to change into hospital clothes as & when advised by the duty medical officer.

Only one attendant / relative is allowed to stay with the patient during his/her hospital stay. Relatives may visit the patient in a batch of 2 persons at the visiting hours only.

A clear understanding of the estimated range of expense for the surgery & stay is given to the patient while scheduling any surgery.

Patient is expected to deposit 50% of the amount at the time of admission; Rest 50% is to be paid in parts during hospital stay or at the time of discharge as guided by billing executive.

Any displeasure and/or suggestion during hospital stay should be brought to notice of the hospital administrators during their daily round so that the same can be taken care of promptly.

Please fill up & return the feedback form as provided by admin executive at time of discharge.

The final bill along with discharge summary & relevant reports to be collected by patient at time of discharge& retained for necessary/future reference.

DO’s & DONT’s in a Glimpse :


Do wash your hands and sanitize them before you touch the patient or hand the patient something you’ve been touching.
Only one attendant / relative is allowed to stay with the patient during his/her hospital stay.
Only in case of Pediatric patients both the parents are allowed to stay with the patient.
Relatives may visit the patient in a batch of 2 persons at a time between 10 am to 12 noon in the morning and 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening.
Do leave the room if the doctor or provider arrives to examine or talk to the patient.
Patients are to change into hospital clothes as and when advised by the duty medical officer.
Hospital currently has no facility of diets for the patients, hence food for patient / attendant to be arranged from outside / home by the patient.
Patients attendant / relative to have meal only on the terrace café area.
Taking care of your valuables including mobiles, laptops etc. is your responsibility.
Ensure cleanliness of your room / ward and the Hospital floor.
To ensure cleanliness and proper maintenance, the draw-sheets provided for the patient beds and attendant couches should be used as advised.
Conserve water and electricity by using both judiciously.
50% of the Estimated Hospital bill to be deposited at the time of admission, rest as and when advised by billing section.
Pharmacy bills are to paid directly to the medical shop in the hospital premises ; medicine cost is not included in hospital bill.
Besides the nurse call system installed with every bed, all rooms have intercom facility, the important numbers to note are :- 124 & 125 for Nurse stations and 9 for front-desk.
Please forward all clinical /medical issues and queries to the duty medical officer or the Matron, and non-clinical issues to the Administrators to ensure prompt settlement of the issue.


Don’t enter the hospital if you have any symptoms that could be contagious.
Smoking and consuming alcohol are prohibited inside hospital.
Don’t make noise, commotion or use harsh language inside the hospital premises
Patient relatives are not permitted to have any food / meal in the patient room, they should have it in terrace café area only.
Washing clothes / utensils etc. in bathrooms are not allowed in the hospital. Patient attendant requiring laundry service should inform the front-desk , they will arrange for external laundry service.
Don’t forget to collect the receipt whenever you make a payment.
Don’t forget to collect the final bill at the time of discharge.
Don’t provide any tip or cash individually to any hospital staff / Aaya or ward boy, the hospital does not encourage the system of tipping.
Don’t use elevator unnecessarily, the hospital elevator is meant for shifting patients only. Attendants and relatives should take stairs while going up and down the floors.
Don’t litter the hospital floor; throw wastes in dustbins only.
Don’t forget to provide your valuable comments and suggestions in the feedback form which will be provided by the administration executive at the time of discharge.