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Dr. Vijaykumar Yadav


Available On Following Locations:
Mon to Sat : Morn : 11.00am to 12.00pm
Sunday: Morn :10am to 11am
Vashi - Mon-Sat : Only Evening(By appointment)

Personal Experience

Dr Vijaykumar Yadav -well-known in his peers as a Urologist, Uro-oncosurgeon, Andrologist with excellent surgical hand and among his patients as a man with gentle demeanour and ever-smiling face.

He comes from a humble background of a middle-class family toiling to ensure good life for their children. A family which believed in power of honesty and hard work. This particular trait has kept Dr Yadav in good stead even in trying times and hardships and made him a better human being with empathy and Compassion.

His path towards the field of surgery and urology were so well laid down that one feels that 'urology' chose him rather than the other way round.

He finished his high school and intermediate in New Era school and in R K T junior college, Ulhasnagar respectively and embarked upon the arduous journey to hone the skills of a doctor for 15 long years in various medical colleges and Hospitals.

His exposure to the best-in-class surgeons of Mumbai at Saifee hospital planted the seeds of meticulous and clean surgical skills. Always having an eye on good outcomes in surgery was imbibed by the stalwart Dr A. R. Undre under whose mentorship his surgical career started.

Later on in his urology training under another Indian stalwart from Odisha,Bhubaneshwar - Dr Samiran Das Adhikary made him learn the nuances ofendoscopy, endourology, uro-oncology, reconstructive urology and renal transplantation. In short, there was no subspeciality where he had not worked during his training time.

He was immediately lapped up by prestigious Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai where he proved his mettle in managing all complex urological problems.The inherent wish to serve people wholeheartedly made him switch operational ecosystem to private practice where cost of healthcare deliveries was determined by him to make them affordable to all.

MITR Hospital in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai was a well-known name in field of urology with all thriving sub specialties like endourology, Paediatric urology,laparoscopic urology, Reconstructive urology and uro-gynaecology and urodynamics. He approached and joined immediately as Consultant Urologist in September 2021. Since then, patients in MITR have immensely benefitted with an added hand and skills of modern urology. He was instrumental in adding satellite clinics in Vashi and Ulwe.

Robotic surgery- which is becoming the mainstay in many urological procedures is Dr Yadav's forte and he is ardently involved in offering the best in the class with most affordable costs.

Expertise and Skills

1. Kidney Stone

2. Laser surgery

3. Prostate enlargement

4. Urine Incontinence

5. Bladder Cancer

6. Kidney Cancer

7) Reconstructive surgeries like urethroplasty, pyeloplasty, etc


Robotic Uro-Oncosurgeon ,Endourologist ,Reconstrutive Urologist & Andrologist.



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