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Dr Sunita V Malladi

Consultant Radiologist

Available On Following Locations:
Kharghar - Mon to Sat :
9.00am to 7.00pm

Personal Experience

Dr Sunita V Malladi is a practicing Consultant Radiologist at MITR Hospital Kharghar. She brings with her an experience of 20 years of practice in various aspects of radiology. Currently at MITR, she offers her services in performing all types of ultrasound studies including routines sonographies like Abdomen, Pelvis, KUB, Breast, Neck, Scrotum, Local parts and also specialized studies like Venous and Arterial Dopplers of different areas of body. Her expertise includes Fetal/ Obstetric ultrasound for which she has undergone intensive training through ScholarMD fetal medicine training program.

Her areas of interest encompass pelvic and breast ultrasound. She's adept at performing and interpreting 3D Transvaginal (TVS) and Transrectal (TRUS) ultrasounds. She has rich experience in performing pediatric ultrasound especially challenging cases of pediatric urology and urogenital problems. She's also involved in Ultrasound guided procedures like FNAC, Biopsies, Aspirations including TRUS guided biopsy of prostate which are conducted regularly at MITR. Besides reporting X-rays accurately, she's proficient in conducting and reporting various X-Ray procedures like IVP, HSG, RGU and MCU as well.

Dr Sunita V Malladi is an alumnus of Sheth NHL Municipal Medical college and KM school of Post Graduate Medicine at Vadilal Sarabhai Hospital Ahmedabad, where she completed her MBBS and subsequently MD, DMRE Radiodiagnosis in the year 2002. In addition, she has obtained the degree of DNB Radiodiagnosis from the prestigious National Board of examinations, New Delhi. She's a member and active participant of various national and state level radiology organizations like IRIA and MSBIRIA. She's a committee member in the local chapter of Navi Mumbai and Raigad called NMRRIA.

After a brief stint at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai where she received advanced training in CT & MRI, she started her practice in Navi Mumbai. Over the years, she has worked at various private radiology centers and hospitals, notably Fortis Hiranandani Hospital in Vashi where she was Senior Consultant Radiologist and Head of the department, delivering radiology services to scores of patients in ultrasound as well as CT & MRI imaging modalities. She brings with her a keen analytical mind along with a pleasing personality. Her motto is to spend adequate time with each patient while scanning till a precise diagnosis is reached.

Expertise and Skills

1. Women’s imaging including pelvic and breast sonography, follicular study, all pregnancy related scans including NT scan, Anomaly scan, Obstetric Color Doppler

2. All types of Colour Doppler studies including Arterial and venous Dopplers of upper & lower limbs, Renal Doppler, Carotid Doppler, Abdominal vessels Doppler etc

3. Sonography of Scrotum, Thyroid/ neck, Local parts, Perianal region etc

4. High resolution Sonography of Abdominal wall, Umbilicus and Inguinal regions to detect Hernias

5. Accurate and precise report


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    • What is the best test to diagnose gallstones?
      Ultrasound or sonography of abdomen is the gold standard for diagnosis of all types of gallbladder ailments including gallstones, medically known as gallbladder calculi or cholelithiasis. Apart from being safe, relatively cheaper and easily accessible, ultrasound can show the gallstones really well. Ultrasound shows the stone as highly reflective echogenic focus against the background of bile in the lumen of gallbladder. It can accurately detect the number as well as sizes of the stones. Ultrasound is done in real time and hence can also help to detect mobility of stones ...
    • What is transvaginal ultrasound? When is it necessary? Is it safe?
      Transvaginal ultrasound (TVS) is a type of intracavitary ultrasound done in females to visualize the pelvic organs like uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, endometrium and other pelvic organs well. It is done with the help of special high frequency transducer (probe) which appears like a wand. Before inserting it into the vagina, the probe is covered with a gel and condom, hence making it sterile and safe. Transvaginal ultrasound remarkably improves the resolution and image quality while scanning due to the reduced distance between the probe and pelvic structures. Use of ...
    • What is colour Doppler? In which conditions is it done?
      A colour doppler scan is an imaging test done on an ultrasound machine to check the direction and speed of blood moving through blood vessels (arteries and veins). It is a non-invasive test done using a special high frequency transducer, moved on the surface of the body following the course of blood vessels. Based on the flow velocity and direction, arbitrary colour coding is done. It is used commonly to study arteries in both arms and legs in order to identify clots or narrowed arteries. A potentially life-threatening condition called ...
    • What is Liver Elastography?
      Ultrasound based Liver Elastography is a special type of ultrasound test which uses sound waves to measure stiffness of liver. It is advisable to refrain from eating or drinking for three hours before the scan. Elastography is a quick, non-invasive and painless test which is done by scanning in the right upper abdomen. The results are recorded and an overall stiffness score is generated. Stiffness of liver is a sign of liver fibrosis and some chronic liver diseases like fatty liver and hepatitis can cause the liver to lose its ...
    • What is KUB ultrasound? How are kidney stones diagnosed?
      KUB ultrasound is the ultrasound of the urinary tract, namely the kidneys, ureters and urinary bladder. It also includes evaluation of the prostate gland. It is a very common investigation prescribed by doctors in cases of flank pain, hematuria and urinary problems like retention or urinary infection. Ultrasound/ sonography is usually the first investigation done nowadays to diagnose kidneys stones. It can not only detect calculi within the kidneys and ureters but also show the degree of swelling in the kidneys called as hydronephrosis caused by blockage of urine due ...