Tour Of Mitr

  • Welcome to MITR Hospital

    MITR Hospital is premier surgical, laparoscopy and endoscopy hospital in Navi Mumbai, India.

  • Reception

    Classy Ambience and beautiful interiors make one feel comfortable and happy.

  • Facilities

    World class operation theatres, well equipped recovery rooms and safety features.

  • Treatment with care

    Our expert doctors use cutting edge technology and give you personalised care.

  • Operation Theatre

    Operation theatres have HEPA filters and Laminar flows for complete infection control.

  • Doctors

    Expert Laparoscopy, endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery doctors

  • Our Staff

    Delivers personalised care while you heal in serene setting.

  • By The Kharghar Foothills

    MITR Hospital is located by the Kharghar hills and patients heal in nature's lap.


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