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A rare surgery involving kidney stone in a 14 month old child has successfully been performed at MITR Hospital in Kharghar by a city based Dr.A.K.Singal,a leading Paediatric Urologist.

The child Prerna(name changed) had developed a urinary infection and pain abdomen.she was treated with antibiotics and was investigated.her ultrasound report showed both sided kidney stones.

She was advised surgery for lithotripsy at a general urology hospital in Mumbai but the stone did not break.Also,an internal pipe called DJ stent was left in tne kidney to prevent block in the kidney.At this stage,the parents started searching for hospitals and doctors providing urological care to small children.Through the internet they learn about MITR Hospital in Kharghar and consulted Dr.A.K.Singal and Dr Manish Dubey.

According to singal, “She was found to have 1cm sized stonein Right kidney and another small stone in right urinary pipe.

The left kidney also had small 2-3millimeter stones”

Because of the size of the right sided stone,she was advised an endoscopy surgery.The child underwent a total endoscopy surgey called-Ureterorenoscopy(URS) + Holmium laser stone surgery on Janaury 26.

Explaning the process Singal said, “A small  telescope was passed through the natural urinary passage into her bladder and then through urinary pipe into kidney.The stone was directly seen and then with the help of laser was broken into small sand like particles.There was no cut or blood loss”

Informed the doctor, “She has recovered well and went home within 24 hrs of surgery without any pipes or stitches”

Stated Dr.Singal, “URS is very challenging in small children as the passages are very small and you need very good equipments to do such surgeries.Also this was possible as MITR hospital has endoscopes and lasers for even new born babies.Some of this equipment has been made available for kids in India for the first time”

Claimed Singal, “Prerna colud probably be one of the youngest kid inthe country to undergo such an extensive endoscopic procedure for kidney stone successfully.”


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