Post Surgery Instruction

After you have gone home from MITR

General concerns

Blood in Urine

Any urology operation or procedure stimulates bleeding from the  linings of the urinary tract. Generally the colour of urine remains  high-coloured or pink or sometimes red , depending on the type of the disease and procedure that the person has undergone.

Typically there is no need to worry for a week or so and slowly the colour changes with increased intake of fluids. If it persists or if clots are seen persistently a visit to MITR will be needed.

Sometimes the blood clots start coming after a week or so. Its not alarming if there is no fever. Just simple methods of increasing the fluid intake and taking rest indoor sorts out the problem.

It is good to remember that blood contains a dye called heme which can colour large quantities of clear water red by even one drop.

Fever after going home

Any surgery or procedure is perceived by body as trauma and hence it secretes “pyrogens” naturally which can show up as fever. Since urine gets easily colonised by bacteria fever in a person who has undergone surgery 2 days back also must be investigated to start appropriate antibiotics.

Persons with catheters and stents are generally given antibiotics on discharge .Inspite of that if fever occurs the patient should visit hospital for change of antibiotics or any further management as deemed fit.

Pain after surgery

The need for pain killers is very less in minimally invasive surgeries. Nevertheless some patients need them depending upon their pain tolerance and comfort in work place.

If a person is needing pain killers daily even after a week ,  it needs evaluation and visit to MITR.

Urine blockage

With catheter still inside, typically it means that the tube is blocked by clot or urine debris.It just needs flushing , but has to be done in sterile conditions.

Without any catheter inside , patient has to report back in emergency so that catheter can be inserted and relieved. After this the catheter remains inside for some days depending upon the requirement. Sometimes the catheter doesn’t go easily inside and hence a suprapubic catheter is inserted . It’s a tube which goes directly into bladder from a point below the navel.

Urine leakage

If there is a sudden urge to pass urine and then the leak occurs it may mean that there is a stent inside the body. It can also mean that there might be infection.


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