Robotic Surgery

In early 2022 , doctors at MITR hospital decided to acquire a robotic system to help
their patients with accessing the most advanced technology available in surgery at that
This technology was available mostly in corporates and some big medical colleges
only. Around that time 2-3 companies were launching their medical robots in India. A
thorough research in their functionalities and outcomes in their European and Indian
installation made them zero-on to a British Robot by CMR robotics named Versius.
In late September the operations started and they have been consistently giving
excellent results in terms of patient comfort, safety and outcomes.
MITR hospital has added robotic surgeries to it’s armamentarium to fulfil it’s vision
and philosophy of Minimally invasive treatment. Versius Robot by CMR-UK brings
a new dimensions to better visibility, higher precision and comfort to assist in
operations efficiently, leading to better patient outcomes.
It’s not very rare to find people imagining medical robot as a humanoid machine
doing surgery.In reality, medical robot comprises of just a couple of arms with a wrist. These arms are controlled through an intricate system of computers. The computers are placed
inside a console which doctors operate using hand controllers which resemble joy
sticks of playstation


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