Intersex (DSD) Clinic

Intersex or disorders of sex development (DSD) is a group of conditions where there is a discrepancy between the internal and external genitals (the testes and ovaries) in a newborn baby. The disorder arises due to a defect at chromosomal or hormonal level. Chromosomes are the basis for the genetic make up of a cell. Every human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes or 46 chromosomes. The genetic makeup of a male is 46 XY and that of a female is 46 XX. It is due to the presence of Y chromosone in males that leads to the development of male organs. Any mutation or defect in this leads to abnormal looking genitals.

 Our Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) Clinic is dedicated to providing care and support to infants, children, adolescents and young adults with disorders of sex development (DSDs) with the help of a DSD team which includes a pediatric endocrinologist, Pediatric urologist and Surgeon and a Clinical Geneticist. Together the team helps in catering to the needs of the child.


The symptoms associated with intersex will depend on the underlying cause, but may include:

·        Abnormal looking gential area of the baby at birth.

·        Small size of penis (Micropenis)

·        An enlarged clitoris ( Clitoromegaly)

·        A mass in groin in a baby girl which may turn out to be testes in girls.

·        Hypospadias is another condition seen only in male babies where the opening of the penis is somewhere else than being at the tip.

·        Electrolyte abnormalities

·        Delayed or absent puberty

·        Unexpected changes at puberty


Laboratory Investigations:

·        A blood test to check hormone levels may be carried out.

·        Electrolyte tests.

·        Genetic Testing or Specific molecular testing

·        An endoscopic examination maybe carried out to check for absence of presence of female reproductive organs

·        Ultrasound or MRI may also be recommended to check if the sex organs are present 



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