Dr.Shekhar C. Jambure

Dr.Shekhar C. Jambure



Dr.Shekhar C. Jambure did his Bachelors of physiotherapy from prestigious Seth G S Medical College & K E M Hospital. During college days he gained ample experience in handling patients of various musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

He also completed the graduation with distinction in both these subjects and came first in Maharashtra in graduation exams.

It was the internship KEM Hospital which proved turning point in career, as he gained work experience of ICU settings and decided to pursue further education in field of Cardio vascular and Respiratory physiotherapy specialty.

He is doing his masters of physiotherapy in cardiovascular and Respiratory sciences from L.T.M.M.C. & General Hospital, popularly known as SION Hospital.

During his internship days, Dr. Shekhar has also worked with, Dr. Snehal Deshpande and gained experience in handling ‘SPECIAL CHILDREN’ or ‘Differently Abled Children’.

He has also worked with KAYA Ltd (Kaya skin fame) for 1 year on project to develop obesity management programs by means of lifestyle modifications.

Commonly provided treatment modalities by Dr.Shekhar are all types of Musculoskeletal/Orthopedic condition, treatment for paralysis. Exercise programs for Heart patients pre and post surgeries as well as pulmonary rehabilitation programs for various respiratory conditions such as Asthma, COPD , tuberculosis etc.

He is also competent manual therapy provider providing solutions to many spine problems such as spondylosis, slip disk, etc.

He also conducts many awareness programs, Ante natal care and post natal care programs for women to promote general healthy population.


Male, 24 yrs

Address:4, Raj Karan CHS, Plot 43 Sector 15,

Opposite Maratha Bhavan, Vashi,

Navi Mumbai-400703

    Email id:  shekharjambure@gmail.com


S No


College / University




Master of Physiotherapy

In Cardiovascular and Respiratory sciences

Lokamanya Tilak municipal medical college and General Hospital, sion, Mumbai 22


(Final year; appearing in may2013)




Bachelor Of Physiotherapy(B.P.Th.)

Seth G.S. Medical College, K.E.M. Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 12.

Maharashtra University Of health Sciences.


Aug 2009

First Class (72.83%)



Modern College , Vashi

Mumbai Divisional Board, Maharashtra State Board.


Feb 2003

First Class




Navi Mumbai High School, Vashi

Mumbai Divisional Board, Maharashtra State Board.


Mar 2001

First Class









Experience Summary:

Total Experience: 3 years.


Sion hospital: 19th OCT 2010 – till Date

Working as a senior registrar in specialty of Cardiovascular and Respiratory physical therapy and handling the cases from many specialty including:

1)    Intensive Cardiac Care Units And Cardiovascular thoracic Surgical recovery rooms

2)    Intensive Respiratory Care Units And Medical ICU

3)    Emergency and trauma wards

4)    Respiratory OPD

5)    Cardiac Rehabilitation OPD


6)     Pulmonary rehabilitation section.


Kaya Life

Duration: 8 months (1st September 2009 – 30th april 2010)   Designation: Physiotherapist.

Role: 1. Working as fitness advisor to FORMULATE AND MODULATE the fitness programs for

           Overweight/obese population to achieve weight loss by means of LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION.

           2. Giving the special attention to clients’ medical profile such as hypertension; diabetes to   customize the weight loss program keeping the clients requirements in mind.

 Sneh Rehabilitation, Education and Research Center :

Duration : 8 months (including 2 months Observer ship)

Designation : Physiotherapist

Role : Involved with the assessment and treatment of various neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy( Diplegia, Quadriplegia etc.), Stroke , Parkinson’s disease,  AND orthopedic conditions such as Congenital Tallipus Equino Varus, Congenital Dislocation Of  Hip.

K.E.M. Hospital: 6 Months (internship : 11th feb 2009 to 10th Aug 2009)

Key Handlings:

Working in following areas:

1)     Physical therapy in Orthopedic conditions:

i)                   Trauma O.P.D.

ii)                 Degenerative  O.P.D.:

iii)               Orthopedic Wards:

2)     Physical therapy in Neurological condition: 6 weeks

i)     Adult Neuro OPD.

ii)    Pediatric Neuro OPD

iii)   Neurological and Neuro surgery wards and ICU

3)     Physical therapy In General Medical and Surgical Conditions Including Cardio-respiratory Conditions:

i)     Cardiac surgery Cardiology Wards And Respiratory Wards:

ii)    Surgery Wards

iii)   Surgery ICU

iv)   Cardiac surgery and Respiratory ICU

4)     Physical therapy In Community Health:

i)     Obesity Clinic

ii)    Woman’s health

iii)   Geriatric health




Additional Qualification/Skills Acquired:

  Skills acquired during training at Kaya Life training center:

  1. Working in an integrated manner as a team with the Dietician and Psychologist to bring about the LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION.
  2. Sales: Engaging the prospective Client in a dialogue to do need identification and then customizing the program according to their need to generate sales.
  3. Soft skill to communicate and cater to the clients’  when providing them the services



Additional Qualification and Skills:

        I) Conferences: 46th annual national conference of INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS’ (IAP) held At Dehradun.

   II) Workshops  and Additional skill sets acquired:

1.      Basic Philosophy of NEURODYNAMIC TECHNIQUE… By Dr. Snehal Deshpande

2.      Spine I – Mobilisation and Manual Therapy Of Spine… By Dr. Deepak Kachalia.

3.      Mulligan’s manual therapy mobilizations techniques… By Dr. Deepak Kumar

4.      International workshop of EXERCISE TESING AND PRESCRIPTION @ Manipal University By. Dr. Larry Hamm and Dr. Peter Brubaker…( ICMR funded project)

5.      Cardio-Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation training @ L.T.M.M.C. & Sion hospital, Sion, Mumbai.







Title of Project/s



Seth G.S. Medical College, K.E.M. Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 12

  • Prospective Study : Analysis of Risk Factors Of Ischaemic Heart disease, and Modulation to control the disease

Final Year

Seth G.S. Medical College, K.E.M. Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 12

  • Retrospective study: Physical Demand Analysis of physiotherapy students(comparative analysis of ERGONOMICs of students in Various Academic years)





§  Distinctionsin following subject at final year university exams:

1.       Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal Conditions.

2.       Physiotherapy in Neuro-Sciences.



    Personal Information:

1.      Date Of  Birth: 8th June 1985

2.      Languages Known: English, Marathi, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

3.      Marital Status: Married

4.      Nationality : Indian

5.      Interests: Sports, listening to music, reading





Orthopedic / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Osteoarthritis of Knee
Frozen shoulder
Tennis elbow
Total knee replacement rehab. program 
Total Hip Replacement Rehab. program
Ligament injury treatments
Sports Injury rehabilitation
Treatments For Neurological Physiotherapy
Paralysis/ Stroke
Parkinson's Disease 
Motor Neuron Disease 
Muscular Dystrophies
Cardiac Rehabilitation
exercise programs for heart patients
pre and post bypass surgery rehabilitation
Rehab. For Valve replacement patients
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Treatments For Respiratory Problems Such As
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Plural effusions
Cystic Fibrosis
Gynecological And Women’s Health Physiotherapy
Ante natal care and post natal care 
Stress urinary incontinence
Post hysterectomy rehabilitation
Post pregnancy weight management
Modalities Available: Special Treatment Equipment Available
Short wave Diathermy(SWD)
Interferential Current therapy(IFT/ICT)
Muscle Stimulator( Diagnostic and Therapeutic)
Ultrasonic therapy( pulsed and Continuous)



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