Dr. Manish Dubey

Dr. Manish Dubey

M.S., DNB, M.Ch

Dr. Manish Dubey is a practising Urologist and Andrologist in NaviMumbai region of Maharashtra,India. In more than one decade of his practise he is now recognised as? the best urologist in Navi Mumbai region by peers and colleagues due to his ethical and scientific approach in treating complicated urological problems.

About Beginnings and foundations

From the humble beginnings of Government aided school in Atomic Energy project in Tarapur he joined the most coveted MBBS course in Seth G S Medical college and KEM hospital,Mumbai. Apart from learning the science of medicine he explored the realms of compassion and human behaviour?? during the Mumbai Riots of 1993. His incessant work in treating the injured for days and nights during those turbulent times was well acknowledged by the authorities and colleagues.

Choosing a career in surgical field he opted for LTMG Hospital, popularly known as Sion hospital in Mumbai. An arduous training in surgery included a focussed training in managing trauma. Sion hospital is renowned for the world class setup in managing Trauma and has given India based management algorithms for trauma care.

After a short stint in a remote town of Guyana,South America as General Surgeon he decided to specialise in Urology. He returned to India and joined Urology training programme under guidance of Dr. Ajit Phadke ,a legendary urologist and humanist awarded by American Urological association for is life time contribution to the field of Urology. Under his care as student he imbibed the values for which Dr.Phadke stood for and which translated into the compassionate care with unflinching medical ethics.

Working in all subspecialties of Urology in Bombay Hospital he got well trained in Endo-urology, Onco-urology,Laparoscopic Urology, Reconstructive Urology, Pediatric Urology, Female Urology and Urodynamics . A short period of job as consultant in private urology hospitals in Mumbai and Pune gave the impetus to start a career in private practise in fast developing new city called Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Manish Dubey has 6 international publications and 3 national publications to his credit in indexed journals of Urology and minimally invasive surgery. He has presented his work in national conferences and local body meetings and has been on panel for scientific discussions on various occasions.

MITR- Idea and work

In 2009 , MITR? Hospital idea was conceived where specialists in Minimally Access Surgery joined hands . They started the hospital as 6 bedded - mostly daycare surgeries . Over last 6 years it has become one of the best hospital for urology in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai region. It has ?grown? both in size and? technology over last 6 years. Under one roof these talented specialists are able to treat complex problems in Urology and other Minimally Access Surgical field as anyone across in any world class hospital .

Presently Dr. Manish Dubey devotes most of his time in MITR Hospital and putting his efforts continuously in raising the standards of medical care. He has profound interest in laparoscopy in management of urological disorders . Laparoscopy? as a treatment modality was a late entry into urology throughout the world . Dr. Dubey started the use of this technique way back in 2004 using retroperitoneoscopy as the method to remove damaged or diseased kidney apart from treating cysts in kidneys. Now the field of laparoscopy has moved leaps and bounds , which Dr. Dubey has kept pace with. Along with an accomplished team of Dr.A K Singal and Dr. Vijaykumar Malladi most diseases are tackled by laparoscopy like Pelvi-Ureteric Junction Obstruction (PUJO), Kidney cancers ,Adrenal tumors.

A full spectrum of kidney stone disease treatment modalities is available at his hands and he is using it in day-today practise. The technological advancements in form of ESWL, PCNL, Holmium laser lithotripsy, URS (ureterorenoscopy), flexi-URS in Navi Mumbai has gone hand in hand with growth of MITR hospital .

He has teamed with Dr. A K Singal who is a renowned pediatric urologist to deal with complex reconstructive surgeries treating diseases like stricture of urethra in Mumbai region and complex hypospadias in adults with patients coming from all over India.

Dr. Manish Dubey feels that one of the most important aspect of treatment of ?diseases in urology is to make the patient know completely about the disease he or she is affected by. According to him, a? well informed counselling regarding the pros and cons of various modes of treatment should always be discussed before the urological surgery or procedure is performed. Choice of surgery varies depending on social, psychological environs in which the patient lives.

Beyond Urology

Urology has given Dr. Manish Dubey advantage and a platform to look into his own mindspace and better himself personally and professionally. Towards this goal , a need to access the realms of mind and to explore the mind-body connect arose? in 2008. This led him to learn and practise meditation which has remained an ongoing process since then allowing him to understand the true nature of things. Describing the process he says ??t has enabled him to work on his? human weaknesses and hopefully conquer them someday??

For Dr. Manish Dubey , running long distances is an adjunct to meditation . He is a marathoner who has finished 5 full marathons and numerous half marathons in 3 countries till date. Every morning of his? time is well spent on preparing for the day with meditation and a long run? -? both working in tandem , ready to face challenges .

Dr. Manish Dubey

M.S., DNB, M.Ch

Office- 022-27743558

General :
Currently in private practice in Navi Mumbai as a Consultant Urologist and Andrologist with Hospital at Kharghar and an office located at Vashi since March 2004.

Education :
M.Ch , DNB (Urology)
Mumbai University, Bombay Hospital Institute Of Medical Sciences, Marine Lines

M.S (General Surgery)
Mumbai University, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College & General Hospital, Sion

Mumbai University, Seth G.S. Medical College & KEM Hospital,Parel

Clinical Experience:
Aug 2003 Feb 2004 :
Consultant Urologist S.S. Urogical Institute, Bandra.

Aug 2000 July 2003 :
Senior registrar, Urology Bombay Hospital, Marine Lines

Sept 1999 Feb 2000 :
Feb 2000 Consultant General Surgeon Medical diagnostic & * Therapeutic Center Guyana, South America

Feb 1999 June 1999 :
Chief Surgical officer V.N.Desai Municipal Hospital.

Aug 1998 - Jan 1999 :
Chief Surgical officer K.B.B.Municipal Hospital ,Bandra.

Aug 1995 - July 1998 :
Resident officer Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College ,Sion.

Internship 1993 KEM Hospital

Publications :
Mini-access for retroperitoneal laparoscopy : Journal Of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques 2002 . Vol 12 no. 5 ,313-315

A simple technique for retroperitoneal laparoscopic JJ stenting of the ureter : BJU International 2003; 91:725-726

Successful management of vena caval compression due to a giant hydronephrosis by retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy ; Min Invas Ther & Allied Technol 2003 ; 12(1-2) , 95-97

Percutaneous management of calyceal calculi with infundibular stenosis: Result and follow up of 29 cases- Poster at AUA annual meeting 2004 San-Francisco

Retroperitoneal laparoscopic access for ectopic kidneys; USICON 2002 Jaipur

Cystitis follicularis unusual cause of bladder outlet obstruction USICON 2001 Jabalpur

Presented seminar by residents in West zone USICON 2001 at Jabalpur- emergencies in Urology Anuria
Trans-mesenteric laparoscopic pyeloplsty-Anatomical considerations (under pub)

Adult urology services
Dr Manish Dubey specializes in treating all urologic conditions. Below is specific information on various conditions, tests and treatments.

 Kidney and Ureteral Stones

Urinary tract obstructions like UPJO

Urinary Tract Infections
Urethral strictures
Urinary Incontinence
Neurogenic Bladder
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
Erectile Dysfunction
Vasectomy Reversal
Interstitial Cystitis
Voiding Dysfunction
Female Urology
Prostate Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Testicular Cancer
Low Testosterone

Types of Surgeries performed :

Laparoscopic surgery in Urology
Laser surgery

Minimally Invasive Procedures Indications for Treatment
Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Kidney and ureteral stones
Percutaneous renal surgery(PCNL) Treatment of large kidney stones (> 2 cm) Treatment of calyceal diverticula
Ureteropyeloscopy /URS Treatment of ureteral and kidney stones Treatment of ureteral strictures
Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Non-functioning Kidney
Laparoscopic Nephroureterectomy Cancerous growth of Kidney
Laparoscopic adrenalectomy Benign growths of the adrenal gland
Laparoscopic pyeloplasty Ureteropelvic junction obstruction
Laparoscopic kidney biopsy Medical diseases of the kidney
Laparoscopic drainage of renal cysts Symptomatic large kidney cysts
Visual Internal urethrotomy(VIU) Treatment of urethral strictures


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